Please enjoy an original track from my soon to be released album「True Love」

近日発売予定のニューアルバム「True Love」からのオリジナルソングです。是非お楽しみください!

ニューアルバム「True Love」収録

「Perfect Stranger」

This song features my debut solo on my Suzuki melodion ...

Such a cool instrument to improvise on !

この曲には、僕のSUZUKIメロディオンのデビューソロが入ってるんだけど、即興するには最高の楽器なんだ!(by Frank)

Perfect Stranger

(copyright 2018 Frank Weber )

Perfect strangers, shy and smiling, one entranced one barely glancing-

Just two strangers, neither knowing from this moment nothing is the same.

Lucky Sunday, right time, right place, who'd have guessed you'd find the right face

Perfect, smiling, a perfect Stranger - You'd give anything to know her name.

You could swear somewhere you've seen her, though you know you've never met

she's not the type that you'd forget, you don't forget perfection

Not quite certain what you feel, it's all a little bit unreal

to finally see her, see her smiling, see the one you never thought you'd find

see the one who's lingered in your mind-

Finally the stars have all aligned: Perfectly!